Get to Know Me

I’m Mercedes, your bestie for the restie!

For now until forever, your resource, guide, and emotional support when it comes to all things real estate!

I’ve been a Portland, Oregon Realtor since 2016 and couldn’t think of a better career for me. Unless it was like a professional taco taster but… here we are. I originally got into real estate because I love people and houses but it also created flexibility for me to raise my babies. Yes, two of them. And they’re both the sweetest gremlins you’ll ever meet. 

Real estate and the people that come along with it have been one of the best things to happen to me. I am so grateful for all the experiences and the friendships I’ve made along the way. 

My clients are not just another transaction, they are my people. I care for them, fight for them and protect them.
And of course, have a damn good time!

from my heart to yours

Why I do what I do

I work intentionally to create an empowered experience for all of my clients. 

While I take my job seriously to give you the best possible service, I very much recognize that this journey is not my own. It is YOURS, and one that you have worked hard to arrive at. I am here to champion you. To show up however you need me. While I will, without question, guide you, protect you, and fight for you, I will always keep you at the forefront of YOUR process. 

When we purchased our first home we were lost somewhere along the way most of the time. Just a couple of babies trying to make our dream come true without a clue of what we were doing.

If we only knew then what we know now. A phrase I never want my people to use. Throughout that journey, and 3 different realtors until we landed a good one, we felt bamboozled. That’s what led me to pursue this career.

We are all deserving of an experience that embodies joy, excitement, ease, and empowerment. This is what I strive to provide my people from start to finish and everything in between.

Outside of Work...

I love spending time with my wife and our two daughters. We also have 4 chickens, 3 dogs and a cat because we’ve lost our minds.

I love:

Champagne, tacos, baking, refinishing furniture (or really anything creative/DIY). Traveling is my favorite. I am big on energy, manifesting the life we want and having gratitude. We get one life, just one, I am trying to do the most with mine!

I make custom sugar cookies and was asked to apply for Cookie Christmas Challenge on Food Network 😅 Sounded terrifying but maybe someday!

I’m obsessed with bread and cheese.

Just leave me in a pile of it and I’ll be content.

Trash TV is my guilty pleasure.

I’m talkin’ like 90 Day fiance kind…

don’t judge me!

I got my passport at the age of 35 and am so proud of how hard I’ve worked to make my dreams come true.

I loathe washing dishes.

Holding a sloth is on my bucket list and I might actually cry when it happens. Tears are welling up as I write this just thinking about it! 😂

Fun Facts

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Let’s grab a drink, coffee or a treat, keep the good times rolling and talk about next steps!